Thursday, December 27, 2018

Forgiveness Challenge


Holidays can easily bring up a lot of wounds from the past, so I invite you to take our "Forgiveness Challenge." it's one of the most powerful brain-changing exercises you can do. It strengthens circuits in your social brain that regulate empathy and compassion.

However, if you find that this exercise is too painful, just be aware of your hurt and anger. You don't "have" to forgive.... you can just be aware of the old pain; that too will help to heal old wounds.

First, write down the first name of someone who is difficult for you to forgive, someone who you feel you can and want to forgive. Read through the steps below first, and then close your eyes and guide yourself through this exercise. Make sure that you remain deeply relaxed throughout every step. I also recommend that you gently stroke your hands and arms in a pleasurable way because it will help to disrupt painful memories that may still be triggering you.

Try it now: Stroke any part of your body that makes you feel calm as you read the following paragraphs:

First, think about one of your deepest values and repeat it to yourself several times. Then visualize the person who you would like to forgive – someone who intentionally caused you emotional or financial harm. Pick a person whose transgression was mild or minor. Later, when you feel comfortable with this exercise, you can progressively move on to more difficult violations.