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Dear friend`s, welcome to my blog, this is my first post titled "How to attract good fortune ". Millions of people believe that fate determines their life and that nothing that they can do to change it. They simply accept their circumstances and adjust to them. Attracting good fortune or good luck is also one of the deepest mysteries of life. Actually, there are many ways or methods that we can use to change or at least improve our luck, for example by using the power of positive thoughts, power of subconcious mind, fortune telling or horoscope, using geomancy, mysticisme, power of amulets/talismans, or by using prayers/meditation and there are many countless ways!

The Science of Good Luck/Good Fortune:

Luck or Success is simply making the right decision or doing the right thing at the right time, at the right place with the right people. A good karma and fate will direct you to the right place for success. Intelligence & mental efficiency alone is not enough, our success may be hindered by our past karma. Affirmation & visualization technique can strengthen the subconscious mind and in return encourage the conscious mind , but the conscious mind still has to achieve the success and may be hindered by obstacles of the law of cause & effect. But sometimes the good or bad things that we`re experiencing are not even because of past karma, this is where the fate comes in. According to the highest truth of life, everyone of us have our own part to play in this world/cosmic drama & our role is fixed. The world drama repeats similarly for every 5000 years. That`s why it has been said that it is nobody`s fault, everything has been destined, it`s all fixed in the drama. For example, even our thought pattern is destined, which determines whether a person will be good/bad person, clever/ stupid etc. In this case, we have to accept the fact positively & adjust our self to it & live accordingly, go with your destiny, don`t go against your destiny.

How to attract good fortune using the power of positive thinking:

For majority of people if they change their thought & behaviour they can change their life or luck. This has been proven by a research done by Prof. Richard Wiseman from Britain, who have studied 1000 people who considered themselves either lucky or unlucky for 10 years. And he found that a lot of their luck was the way they were thinking & behaving. The lucky ones were more open to opportunities and new ideas. You can make yourself luckier just by being more optimistic.

A Great Technique For How To Attract Good Fortune:

Here, l would like to share a great technique of how to attract good fortune which l learn from a God realized Guru that can bring you uninterupted success. Pray or meditate to God always, ask God to direct you to the right place for success and do service always especially spiritual service i.e. giving donations to church, temple, mosque etc. Give at least once a month or more continuously, suggested 10-20% from your earnings. When giving donations say a small prayer in your heart i.e. (Let this do good for the one who receive it). You will prosper in this way.


I honestly feel that you can create your own circumstances for good luck through applying the various how to attract good fortune techniques. Your good fortune is lying dormant within you & needs awakening. I dedicate this article to your success & happiness!

With best wishes,


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