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Science Of Mind:

Introduction:The secret science of mind or how the mind works has always been a mystery to all human race. Some says mind is brain, some says mind is half material, that is neither material or spiritual, while others say mind is simply a level of spiritual energy. Even the greatest civilizations like ancient Egytians & Atlantians couldn`t come close in explaining how the mind works exactly even though they are good in the application of subconcious mind.

The Highest Science Of Mind:First, we all should know that there is 2 types of energy, one is spiritual energy & another one is physical energy. This body is made from physical energy while the mind is made from spiritual energy, it is one of the faculty of our soul besides the intellect & subcouncious mind(Memory bank). We as souls(our true being) are made from spiritual energy, we are not this physical body, we just use this body to perform actions(think,speak,walk,run etc.) No action is possible without this physical body, the soul needs it to express itself, for that is the way the nature works. From what I come to know the soul enters the womb of a pregnant woman on the 4th month, thats why they will generally feel hot after 4th month because there is 2 souls in 1 body.

From the above explaination I think all of you can understand that the soul that is our true self or being, a tiny point of spiritual light, exactly like the small star sparkling in the universe is situated in the centre of the forehead that is between the eyebrows made from 3 faculties, that is the MIND - It thinks, imagines & forms ideas. The thought process is the basis of all emotions, desires & sansations. The second faculty is the INTELLECT - It assess the thoughts, it reasons, discriminates, judges & takes decisions. It also understands & memorises. Our ability to understand perhaps the single most crucial ability of all. Finally the last faculty SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (Memory bank or they call it Sanskaras in Hindi) - It records all our actions both physical & mental & also experiences. Each action that we do leaves an impression or reinforces the old one if it is a repetition. This is how a habit, temperament or personality traits are created. They are also basis of instincts & dreams. All the thoughts that occur in our mind are direct result of our impressions/sanskaras. This clears that we alone are responsible for our own thoughts although we try to deny this & blame the external situation instead. So my most basic feature as a soul, my personality , is determined by this impressions.

To make it easy to understand, l will explain how the mind process works here below:When we perform a good action especially through these 5 senses, this creates a good impression, so the thought that arises will be good also, so the reaction of the soul after assesing it will be generally good also. If we perform a bad action generally the reaction will be bad also. So it is very important that we perform good actions only through these 5 senses. Our thoughts, words & actions through these 5 senses should always be pure & a good one.

Conclusion:I hope my explaination about the science of mind or how the mind works could give a big relief to all of you who have been searching for the truth for so long. I also hope this could give you`ll enourmous benefit in your personal developement. May God bless you all always!

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