Friday, July 13, 2012

A Beautiful Prayer For Relaxing:

By Carole Fogarty

“I have collected hundred of examples and concrete cases of how men and women conquered fear and worry by prayer” Dale Carnegie 1948

Repeating a meaningful bunch of words from your heart can infuse peace into any situation. Whether you call it prayer, affirmation, mantra or even wishful thinking. Words silent or spoken have an energy flowing through them. Your words create and therefore matter.

I don’t know about you but for me, the simple act of bringing the palms of my hands together, resting them gently over my chest and dropping my eyes and head slightly (towards my heart) helps me enormously.

It’s one of my favourite hand mudra’s from yoga.

It nudges me – almost instantly – out of my head, guides me gently back into my body and reminds me to live more from my heart space again. Yeah! That’s a great place to live from.

Add a prayer/affirmation to your hand mudra and it only helps deepen your peaceful relaxation experience.

Dale Carnegie in his book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living wrote how he frequently dropped into the first church he found open. “I close my eyes and pray. I find that doing this calms my nerves, rests my body, clarifies my perspective, and helps me revalue my values. May I recommend this practice to you? Dale Carnegie.

A beautiful prayer to calm and centre you:

The Buddhist loving kindness prayer I discovered many, many years ago and I still to this day consider it as one of my favourites. Below is a shorter version of that prayer.

I trust you find the words, message and energy behind it as beautiful as I do. Enjoy and savour every word of it.

Hands in prayer pose, eyes and head slightly tilted towards your heart (this will help the mind switch off), relax your breathing and repeat the prayer until you really, really feel your body has fully absorbed its energy and message.

Guaranteed you will feel different afterwards. I promise.

May I be filled with love and kindness”

“May I be at peace”

” May I be well “

” May I be happy”

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