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Hello! Everyone, the topic of our discussion today is titled "Hypnosis in the field of medicine". The science of hypnotism was first introduced to the world in the ancient land of Egypt. Then it was passed on through the the priest of Egypt, Persia & the Levites, and later spread to the Greeks & Romans, who kept glow it`s fire so that Europe could benefit it`s power at a later date through research done by Mesmer, Charcot, Berhnheim and others. Hypnotism not only can be used to entertain, to improve students/athletes performances, for personal development/magnetism, to increase income but it has also become an indispensable tool for healing of the mind, body & emotion.

Physical Health Cure By Using Hypnosis Technique:

Medical hypnosis or wellness hypnosis technique can be used to cure various bodily diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, skin diseases, ulcers, goiter, migraine & insomnia. By use of hypnotism more and more woman are bearing children without feeling the slightest pain, and there even a case on record of a woman being cured of warts by hypnotic suggestion after months of medical & X-ray treatments had failed. Medical hypnosis technique had also contribute in the psychiatric treatment of children. Afflictions included nervousness, bed wetting, headaches, tics, vomiting & poor appetite. Surprisingly there was also a case reported in London in 1952 by Cortesy of Time  where hypnosis has been used t o overcome a condition which began in the womb, a boy born with a hard dark skin was cured through suggestion in 2 weeks by Dr. Albert Abraham.

Emotional & Mental Health Cure By Using Hypnosis Technique:

It is in the area of emotional & mental health or psychiatry that hypnosis for medical/wellness hypnosis technique has been very successfully applied. Afflictions included in the cases of hysteria, depression, helping soldiers to forget wartime experiences, apparent focal epilepsy & in a child guidance clinic.

Let me tell, that hypnotism is not a cure-all for human ills. It can be used in widely varying conditions, and nobody, no matter how fanatically opposed to hypnotism, can deny that in this science we have the most powerful & effective method of controlling the mind and, through the mind, the whole body.

One Easy Hypnotic Technique For Curing Disease:

This technique can be used not only to cure your disease but also to improve your overall life. Sit in a comfortable position or lie down. Keep yourself relax. Repeat 10-35 times or more as soon as you wake up in the morning or after you take your bath in the evening this affirmation below:

"Every part of my body is perfectly healty.
I`m free from diseases.
I`m perfectly healthy.
I`m blooming with health & vitality".

If you have a serious specific disease like gastric, bloodpressure, diabetes, etc. you should also create an affirmation for that also and repeat that together with the affirmation above. Example is given below, you can design your own affirmation, not necessary to follow our example. You can also record your command/affirmation in a tape recorder and listen to it while keeping your body in a relax position.

"I have a healthy stomach.
Every cell of my stomach is functioning perfectly.
I`m free from gastric problem.
My stomach is perfectly healthy".


The said facts above proves that hypnosis is a very powerful technique to heal Human diseases. So, don`t underestimate the power of hypnosis in the field of  medicine. See you all, until next time. May Health and Strength be with you all!

For Your Health,

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