Thursday, May 31, 2018

Powerful Words Create Health Happiness And Abundance.

Water and Words

​I am sure many have heard or read articles about experiments made by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto. His work clearly showed how written and spoken words applied to glass jars of rice in water altered the molecular structure of the water?
Samples of the water before and after the test were flash frozen with dramatic results.

One jar with written words attached like peace and love were compared to a jar with words like violence and hate. The peace and love jar of rice in water would remain clear and pure for a long time, whilst the jar with violence and hate would rapidly darken and decay

​​A similar test you can try yourself is by cutting a freshly picked apple in half and placing the two pieces in separate glass jars, again using the written words followed by a daily verbal citation of the words. You will discover one half of the apple stays fresh whilst the other half decomposes quickly.


There were skeptics who carried out similar tests to debunk Dr. Emoto’s research. Some proved him right and some proved him wrong. Why the discrepancy? The ones who failed to see positive results said the words half-heartedly with doubt, hesitation or joking with disbelief. Positive visualization or to use a better phrase, the power of intention, is a very important factor that must be included to obtain the best results. This process is relevant to all areas of our lives.

 Happiness - Jewelry and Words

There has been much discussion about pendants or bracelets people wear. Charm bracelets were fashionable during the late half of the last century and more recently, friendship bracelets became vogue. Making your own words with alphabetic beads or engraved jewelry with messages and words like, dream, love, believe and achieve has reportedly brought great results to those who have faith in the power of words.

More recent and very popular was a pendant embossed with the letter Q?

Celebrities like Oprah, Tony Robbins and Madonna have proclaimed its magical powers!

You may like to know that the symbol Q when used in physics represents electric charge. It can also be used to represent dynamic pressure, fusion energy gain factor, heat, momentum transfer and volumetric flow rate. Using Western Numerology, the letter Q is represented by the number 8. In China, the number 8 is worshipped as the most powerful number.

Using Name Reality, the letter Q is positive and life-giving as it suppresses negative. It influences career, health and travel. In times of illness, the letter Q will aid recovery. In business or career, it will produce a gain.

 Use Words with Water to Create Health, Happiness and Abundance

Considering the human body is more than 60% water, my tip of the day is for you to honor and bless your drinking water. (In fact, bless everything) The following is a process I use and recommend to my clients which you are most welcome to copy and modify to produce your own documented instructions, especially if you have specific health issues.

I purchase my drinking water in reasonable quality 5-gallon containers. You can boil and filter your rain or tap water and some of you may have expensive filtration machines. My personal choice is to add 10 to 20 drops hydrogen peroxide, 35% organic food grade, into the 5-gallon container. I purchase my hydrogen peroxide here,   Oxygen is life-giving and often depleted in water. The energy from a few drops will run although I suggest you research and satisfy yourself before using hydrogen peroxide. Suggested link: 
I then place a binchotan charcoal stick in the water with these words attached to the container. Water has memory, so make sure you erase past negative memory and upload new vibrant memory, just like cleaning a computer.

It is commanded, erase negative memory in this water and replace with love, happiness and joy. Any contamination in this water detrimental to the health of my physical body will be absorbed into the binchotan charcoal stick for future safe recycling back to the Universe. The energy in this water is now pure, healthy and bright.
This is my desire, my wish and my command. It is done, it is done, it is done.

I thank you with love and gratitude. Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari

Later, I bottle water in handy size containers with this label attached.

This purified drinking water enhances all areas of my life. This water is abundant with love, health, prosperity and well-being. Every time I drink this water I recharge myself with beautiful vibrant energy bringing all the great things I desire into fruition.
Thank you. With Love and Gratitude. Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari

I also print cards with this or similar information and laminate to use as a coaster for my coffee cup! If you feel a bout of Flu or illness coming, modify the words accordingly to boost immune and aid recovery. If you have personal issues draining the life out of you, activate your water to recharge both your mind body and soul. Seeking abundance, create it with water using the three steps!

Documentation - Activation - Confirmation

The written words are asking for health and happiness from you, for you. Therefore, I put with love and gratitude including my full names on every command. If the water container is to be shared by the family or other people, it is not necessary to write your name on the container, but I recommend writing it on your personal cup or bottle. Needless to say, activate and confirm. When I drink from my cup or bottle a few positive words reflecting health happiness and abundance automatically run through my mind (confirmation). Reprogram Your Mind- Reprogram Your Life!

By Lyon G. Zonamyari

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