Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hello! brothers & sisters as already known the goal of human life is perfection/purity. Every one of us have our own degree of perfection. There is 4 main categories that we have to maximize ourselves in order to achieve this:

*TRUTH- search as much true spiritual knowledge as you can, it can be in any religion.

*MEDITATION- do this at least 1/2 hour daily, the best is
in the early morning hours. Ideal time is 4a.m.

*DIVINE VIRTUES- fill yourself with as much positive qualities as you can ie. patience, loving, humility, confidence, courage, determination etc. One important tip, have as less desire as you can because it is one of main factor besides ignorance & body conciousness which brings in vices/negative qualities.

*SERVICE- do as much service as you can especially spiritual service because it`s more

I pray to God that all of you will achieve perfection in this life! May God bless you all.

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  1. ...and also read Gita at least one verse a day.