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Hello! brothers/sisters, glad to meet you all again. Today we are going to discuss about "Who created this universe". Well, there is a lot of theories on this subject, but mainly there is 2 important one:

*Theory 1: God created this cosmic- l doubt about this theory, not that l`m an atheist but because if really God has created this universe l am sure he won`t create all the fierceful animals ie. lion, tiger, leopard etc. that we can see on this planet which eats other animals.

*Theory 2: Nobody create nobody, everything has always been existing- this theory seems logic because it clears my doubt about theory 1. Further more the theory also tells that everything is cyclic (time is cyclic), that begins & ends at the same point. It is said that the entire human drama repeats itself for every 5000 years. Secondly, it also tells everything is eternal (energy), there is no beginning & no end. Everything that exist has always exist & will always exist, it cannot be destroyed & that which does not exist cannot be created. According to the law of Thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. For a free 7 day course regarding this theory (Correspondense course available) visit this website (type on search if couldn`t access).

I hope you all find my article beneficial & interesting. Untill we meet again, may peace, happiness, health & success be with you all always...

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