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Wishing good day to everyone. Today we will discuss about Special Edu. Articles: Developing Your Memories. Good memory power is paramount important not only to student but also to everyone, because without it we cannot learn anything. Firstly, l will outline the basic

methods first in developing memories then we will go to a more advance or new methods.

*Method 1: USING POWER OF REPETITION - Research shows that we cannot recall 70-80% of what we have read few hours ago. To fix it in firmly in your memory, start revising or repeating it straight away. You can do this by taking short notes when you`re studying, by discussing with your friend`s, by revising the short notes before going to sleep and it`s also a good idea to speak it out when studying, don`t just study in your heart because the memory is reinforced by sound wave. Each repetition serves as reinforcement, this will help you in long term memory.

*Method 2: USING THE POWER OR CLASSIFICATION/GROUPING - This method of developing memory is very important in practical life. It is very helpful when you have to remember a lot of things. Just say, you want to do shopping for 50 items, start categorising them according to groups i.e. apple, orange & banana under Fruits; Cabbage, tomato & cucumber under Vegetables. However don`t overload yourself with a lot of categories, because studies of memories have shown that you will remember more if you limit to 7 groups.

*Method 3: USING LINKING/RELATING TECHNIQUE - You can use this method when you have to remember difficult words i.e. Arnold Swarzenegger can be remembered as Arnold Vinegar & Pennsylvania can be remembered as pen.

*Method 4: EXERCISING YOUR MEMORY - Try remembering 20 items after looking it for 10 seconds then cover it up, see how many you can remember. Practice this for 30 minutes daily for 1 months. This method had been found not only improves a persons memory but also helps a person to be more smarter & increases the ability to solve problem.

*Method 5: USING POWER OF HYPNOSIS - This technique can be used not only to develope your memory but also your overall life. Repeat 10-35 times or more as soon as you wake up in the morning or after you take your bathe in the evening this affirmation below:

"I remember facts, information and events with complete ease.

 I remember everything in great detail.

 I can remember anything l wish with perfect ease.

 My memory is perfect".

There are other new methods like mind mapping & mnemonic method in developing memory, we will discuss about it at another time. I hope the discussion about the topic Special Edu. Articles: Developing Your Memories could help increase your memory power. Thank you. May God bless you all...
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