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Dear friend`s, wishing good day to all of you. The topic of our blog post today will be "Mind body healing techniques". As already known,the greatest wealth of all is "Good Health", because without it life will be useless, we cannot experience the sweetness and goodness of life. A good fate & a good karma will bestow you with a healthy gen which decrease your chances of getting sickness compared with an unhealthy one. Anyway, according to research, the main reason we get diseases is because of Food & Stress.

Due to so many healing methods, l will be concentrating more on the efective one`s. There is no such perfect treatment, all mind body healing techniques are good in their own ways, able to heal certain diseases. Sometimes we have to combine 1 or 2 therapies to cure ourselves, this is the secret of self-healing.

*TECHNIQUE 1: NATUROPATHY- This is my all time favourite theraphy, it is
based on the following 5 principles : The healing power of nature, Do no harm to the patient, Find the cause, Treat the whole person and Practise preventive
medicine. They believe the body can heal itself if we provide the environment for it. For
example, naturopathist also recommends Coenzym Q10 (an antioxidant) besides statin drugs
in treating blood pressure. This is because, statins can help reduce blood pressure but it also
reduces Coenzym in the body. The same also with diabetes problem where they will
prescribe Alpha lipoic acid (an antioxidant) with Allopathy (Modern treatment).

*TECHNIQUE 2: MEGAVITAMIN- The experts in this theraphy believes that
many diseases can be cured/prevented by taking in large doses of vitamins/minerals that we
are deficient in. For example, taking large dose of Kalsium+Magnesium have been found to
overcome osteoarthritis, flu & cold can be cured by consuming Mega Vitamin C and taking
Mega Vitamin B had been found to overcome worry,anxiety & stress problems.

*TECHNIQUE 3: OXYGEN THERAPHY- This is a new & breakthrough
mind body healing techniques that l come to know recently, which is based on a theory
that sickness appear due to reduction of oxygen level in the body. For example, the founders
declares that if the oxygen level drops below 35% in the cell in will be turned into cancer
cells. They also claim that all types of diseases i.e. aids, blood pressure, diabetes, heart
problem, including bacterial/viral connected illnesses can be overcomed using the theraphy,
this is because bacteria/viruses cannot live in high oxygen level. Click here below for more
information regarding this theraphy one minute cure

*TECHNIQUE 4: WATER THERAPHY- This mind body healing
technique was written as a theory in an article by a Japanese Professor belong to a
Medical University some 3 decades ago. It involves drinking 1.26kilos (6 small thumblers)
of water before breakfast. After drinking, take exercise like jogging & running for 20 minutes,
very sick people, can do stationary jogging or at least breathing exercise. This workout cleans the colon, thus renders the colon more effective in forming more fresh blood. This blood is
responsible for curing our diseases and is considered a prime power in the improvement of
our health. Do you know that, nearly 60% of the human body is made from water, so this
treatment is worth to be practised. Here are few of the sicknesses that it can cure; Blood
pressure in 1 week, diabetes in 1 week, gastric hypostasis in 3 days, cancer in 1 month,
constipation 1 day and pulmonary tuberculosis in 3 months.

There are many other mind body healing techniques such as, yoga asanas,
breathing exercise, hypnosis, using mantra`s, reiki, tai chi etc. that we can explore, we will
discuss it in my next blog post. I hope you all will benefit from this article & enjoy reading
it. May God bless you all with health, peace, happiness & prosperity.

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