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Hello! everyone, today l would like to share with you all some knowledge about computer maintainence tips or computer use tips, especially for window xp users. There are a lot of reasons why a computer gets slow after using it for some time i.e. registry errors, not using defragmenter, not having a good anti virus programme, downloading softwares without checking the system requirements, using low power computer, accumulation of unnecessary/junk files etc. These problems can be overcomed manually or by using certain software`s.

Computer health tips 1:

Registry errors can be overcomed manually by using system restore which is available in many window types. There are 2 wonderful software`s that l would like to recommend, if you want to solve it using software`s :
*1 choice

*2 choice

Computer help tips 2:

Virus problem is always a big problem if you don`t install at least a good quality antivirus programme. Experts suggests using a firewall besides using antivirus, firewall is available free to xp window users, this gives you double protection from virus attack. So, follow this computer use tips first when you buy computers. The 2 high quality antivirus programme that l would like to recommend are:
*1 choice (Needs 800Mhtz processing power, 256Mb ram: Don`t use this programme if your computer doesn`t meet the system requirement because it will slow down your computer)

*2 choice (Recommended by technicians).

Computer health tips 3:

Experts also advices using defragmenters often, for smooth system running. A defragmenter arranges or defrags your entire hard drive or individual files. Computer use tips or maintainence advice that l would like to suggest is :
*1 choice - For xp window users, use your own windows defragmenter
*2 choice - Use defraggler

Computer health tips 4:

The following computer use tip that l would like to give is, when buying a computer buy a high power computer (Suggested here is Pentium 4, 1Ghz Processor & 1Gb.Ram), this is because it won`t effect your computer if certain digital software needs high system reqirement i.e. business & game softwares.

*To fasten your computer manually: Click Run, type regedit.exe - then click Hkey local machine - then double click the System - click Control, then go to Wait to kill service and type in 1000, change it from generally 20000.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog post. I hope the computer maintainence tips /computer use tips that l have given here, can give some solution for your everyday computer problems. That`s all for now. Bye.

Best of luck,

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  1. Nice tips for computer maintainance here. My laptop battery life drained completely when i left it in the car. It was due to the heat i guess so, since then the battery level can't last longer and i actually ran out of warranty period so no warranty. I just have to buy a new battery which will cost me much. In other to avoid this mistake and also set a caution notice to others, i came out with some basic battery maintainance tips for laptop and notebooks