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Hello! Friend`s, today l will be writing about important random facts regarding online business. There are a lot of interesting, unique & little known facts that l have gathered that l think you all should know too, which will be helpful for your online income/business opportunities.

Facts Little Known 1:

Do you know that 90% of affiliates that sign up to a income program never make any more than a few sales, before they lose hope and give up. Of the 10% that do go on to make consistent sales, only 1 out of 10 make a full-time living out of it. Only 1% live the dream! So, note down this important random facts & be sure that you learn from someone who actually is making a full-time income online. 2 of those affiliates are:

*John Lagoudakis

*Ewen Chia

Facts Little Known 2:

Most of the top richest people made their fortune through software business. Out of 40 richest people under 40, over half made their fortune on the internet. Case study says that 80% of the top 100 richest people in the world got rich by surprise. One guy who is now worth over $1.7 Billion didn't even know his films would literally change the industry. It was a freak accident that made him very well-off. Even Bill Gates got a very lucky break. Half by surprise if you look closely. The point is start looking for the unexpected. You may be shocked at what works, stumbled upon it!

It's been said that if you ask someone on a scale from 1 to 10, how LUCKY do you consider yourself? You will get various responses. The reality is that they are most likely RIGHT. The people who feel lucky will stumble upon much more bigger opportunities. As opposed to those who don't. Try it and test it out. Here we can conclude that, lucky people like to stumble upon big things & get their fortune unexpectedly.

Important random facts from statistic of U.S.A. people: After 40 years of work at age 65:-

*29% are dead

*63% depend to family & social security

*3% are still working

*4% financially secure

*1% wealthy(How they do it,74% own their own business)

"At this stage of economy complacency is the greatest danger"
                                                                           -Richard Melnicof(Analyst)

"Whoever moves first will be the ones to benefit over the next 10 years"
                                                           -John Chambers(C.E.O. Cisco Systems)

 Facts Little Known 3:

Lots of people still don’t realize just how huge the Forex market actually is, it`s the largest market in the world. It’s larger than all the stock, bond and futures markets in the world combined. It’s estimated that every single day, something in the order of US$3 trillion dollars are traded in the Forex market. It’s extremely liquid, volatile and trades 5 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Facts Little Known 4:

The cost for business advertising is estimated almost 1 trillion dollars last year. Online advertising covers 60 billion dollars.

Important random facts for latest statistic about home business involvement is 30million people right now. There are about 1.5 billion internet users in the world right now. 95% of those who started online business fails, only 5% succeeds.

I hope this interesting/important random facts will bring benefit to those who are doing online business. That`s all for now. See you all in my next blog posting.

Best of luck,


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