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Yogic exercise or asanas are generally practised by yogi`s in order to keep their physical body healthy so that they can practise meditation & other sadhana`s easily without much disturbances. These exercises should be practised before breakfast in the morning or several hours after meal in the evening. These asanas not only makes you healthy but also rises the kundalini. It`s a perfect form of exercise founded by ancient rishis.

There are 2 types of exercise, one is muscle bunching exercise such as used in weight lifting, wherelse this asanas are muscle stretching exercise. Muscle bunching exercise produce fatigue while muscle stretching exercise increase your energy, that`s why they feel refreshed after doing it because it only needs air, it makes them look slender & supple. While muscle bunching practisioners need food, that`s why they look broader & massive.

There are lots of yogic poses, but l highly recommed 5 poses which is good for your overall body & health. The poses are:

* Padmasana (lotus pose)

* Sirshasana (Head stand)

* Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand)

* Matsyasana (Fish pose) - Always do this pose after doing the above pose (Shoulder stand) in order to avoid neck pain.

* Paschimottanasana (Sitting bending pose)

I hope, all of you will benefit from this article. May God bless you all with health & strengh.
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