Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Cool MS Words Shortcuts You May Not Know:

An office guy or a blogger like me always has some sort of work going with MS Office especially, MS Word. Now, when you have to do a lot of typing, editing and fine tuning or formatting, you find yourself switching between the mouse and keyboard very frequently.
This decreases your efficiency to write, because you are constantly shifting focus. For this reason, I took up to exploring and using Word keyboard shortcuts to optimize my performance at work. And today, I see that I can edit my documents almost effortlessly.
Here are some cool Word keyboard shortcuts that you may not be aware of. Though, there is a lot more to discover, especially in other parts of MS Office, I will share those that are on top of my head at the moment.

Alt + Mouse Selects Column Data

Sometimes a word document contains several rows and columns of data. We may be looking to copy some of it, but we don’t want to copy all of it each time. Cloning selective columns takes time if you do not know this shortcut. While you are making your selection using your mouse, just hold the Alt key and only the highlighted area text will come to the clipboard.

 Shift + Enter To Break Paragraphs

When you just press enter to change your paragraph, it happens with a certain amoutn of space that is set in your settings. Doing Shift + Enter creates a break instead of starting on a new paragraph.


Increase Or Decrease Font With Ctrl + { or }

When one starts writing something, you start with whatever font is already selected. However, you might want to change the size of specific text to make it more prominent. Quickly select the text and try Ctrl + { or Ctrl +}.


Change Text to Heading

Evert document is intended to be split into sections and sub topics. When you want this to happen, you must ensure to put up headings in proper sizes (type 1, type 2 or type 3). A quick way to achieve that is to use the combination Ctrl + Alt + 1 or 2 or 3.

More With End or Home

Most of us know that hitting the End or Home key takes us to the end or beginning of the line, respectively. If you hit the same End or Home key but with the Ctrl key, you will be taken to the end or beginning of the document, respectively.

More With BackSpace or Del

Want to delete an entire word without highlighting it? Ctrl + Backspace or Ctrl + Del deletes the word to the left or right of the cursor, respectively.

Insert Links With Ctrl + K

As a blogger, this is one of my favorite Word keyboard shortcuts. Every time you wish to insert some hyperlink, instead of selecting the text and navigating to the ribbon, just use Ctrl + K, as it quickly brings up the Hyperlink dialog.

 Create Bullet Points

Another great MS Office shortcut is to quickly create bullet point. To do this, just hit Ctrl + Shift + L.

Toggle Line Spacing Choices

I have always had trouble with line spacing. Every time I wish to make a change, I have to look for it in the MS Office ribbon, make a choice, apply settings and come back to the workspace to check if things are well and suited. But with the discovery of Ctrl + 1 or 2 or 5 it has become easy to toggle among single, double and 1.5 line spacing respectively.

Insert Date Time

When our document is a formal one or when it is a letter, we might want to insert dates and times. The coolest way to add the add the current Date or Time to the document would be by using Shift + Alt + D or T.


Did you already use some of the Word keyboard shortcuts mentioned above? Which ones are your favorite? Did we miss any? Would you like to see more MS Office shortcuts? Tell us in the comments section.


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